Available for Session Rentals

Grand Piano

  • 6'10" Steinway & Sons Model "B" (Vintage era 1901)


  • Alvarez 12-String Acoustic
  • Charvel EVH Art Series
  • Epiphone Chet Atkins Acoustic-Electric Nylon 6-String
  • Epiphone Masterbilt Acoustic 6-String
  • Ernie Ball EVH
  • Fender David Gilmour Model
  • Fender Dobro*
  • Fender Eric Johnson Strat
  • Fender Strat Plus (40th Anniversary version)
  • Fender Tele-Plus
  • Fernandez Classical Nylon
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Ibanez RG560


  • Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray5*
  • Fender Jazz Bass 4-string "Geddy Lee" model
  • Fender Squire Bullet Bass P-Bass style 4-string (red)
  • Fender Squire 4-string (black w/ upgraded electronics)*
  • Fender Squire 5-string (blonde w/ upgraded electronics)*
  • Ibanez Soundgear 5-string*
  • Human Bass 5-string*
  • Human Bass 5-string (fretless)*
  • Human Bass 6-string*
  • Warwick 4-string*
  • *from the Polo Jones Collection


  • David Eden 4x10 Bass
  • Deizel VH4S
  • Diezel 4x12 Cabinet
  • Gallien-Krueger 4x10 & 1x15
  • MarkBass 1x12 Combo Head II*
  • MarkBass 2x10 Combo Head II*
  • MarkBass MultiAmp Head*
  • Marshall JMP Amp
  • Marshall 4x12 Cabinet
  • Mesa Boogie Rectifier Amp & 4x12 Cabinet
  • Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo
  • Mesa Boogie TriAxis Guitar Preamp
  • Mojave Ampworks Peacemaker
  • THD Univalvac Amp Head

Snare Drums

  • Yamaha Beech Custom 14x7
  • Yamaha Birch Custom 14x7
  • Yamaha Akira Jimbo Custom 14x8
  • Pearl Dennis Chambers Snare 14x6.5
  • Pork Pie Percussion Lil' Squealer Maple Snare Drum 12x5

Drum Kits

  • Grestch 7-Piece Catalina Birch Custom Silver Sparkle
  • Yamaha 5-Piece Beechwood Custom
  • Yamaha 8-Piece Birchwood Custom


  • Kurzweil K2000R
  • Yamaha Motif (Controlled with Fatar SL880 Midi Controller)

Moog Etherwave Theremin