Outboard Preamps

Grace Designs Model 801

Eight-channel preamplifier with a separate external power supply. Fully balanced, transformerless design with no electroliytic capacitors in the signal path. Each preamp channel has its own circuit board, dedicated voltage regulators and a discrete power supply ground connection.

Avalon Vt737

Single channel strip featuring a combination of tube preamplifier, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering. The Vt737 adds vacuum tube "warmth" to any digital recording. The Tool Shed features two Vt737 for simultaneous dual-channel operation.

Summit Audio TPA-200B

The Summit Audio TPA-200B is a dual channel preamplifier marrying a classic tube and transformer front end design with a more modern solid state output stage, resulting in ultra clean gain that really lets the warmth and rich harmonic detail of the tube come through.

PreSonus M80

The M80 is an Eight-Channel Microphone/Instrument Preamp featuring low noise, balanced input transformers, Jensen op amps, ultra low impedance mix bus and vintage warmth control. The Tool Shed's control room features 2 M80 racks for a total of 16 outboard channels.